Ever since I was a young boy, I remember seeing my mom out in the fields surrounded by flowers- sweating and tired, yet always smiling. Nature always has a way of fulfilling and giving one happiness through its greenery and its colorful flowers. At I7 years old, I aquired my first orchid! It was a purple phalaenopsis- it was the most beautiful flower my eyes had ever seen! Not only was it elegant and beautiful, but its symmetrical shape reminded me of how perfect God's creations are. From that day on, I can say I developed an obsession. I wanted to know everything about orchids. From reproducing, to keeping them alive I became extremely intrigued. I have to admit my first orchid plant was dead within two months, yet I was still in love and encouraged to learn more about these beauties. From phalaenopsis, dendrobium, oncidiums to every other new species I discovered I became in love each and every time. As time passed I met people who had the same love for orchids and the same people introduced me to communities that shared their care secrets to being a successful orchid parent. One day my partner asked me "if you were to do something that made you happy for the rest of my life what would it be?" It took me a few seconds to respond "I would love to work with orchids for the rest of my life". His next question was," What would you do with orchids?" My response was "to give every home and business a touch of orchids". The moment I said that he replied "your business name should be Touch Of Orchids". On May 30th, 2019 my partner and I searched on Instagram and sunbiz to check if the name was available, and it was... Touch Of Orchids was born. My business was established and running within a week. It is as if I had been training for this all my life. Not even a month later my arrangements were in celebrity homes and people wanted to have one of my beauties as part of their home decor. Today I am proud to say that my orchids have been featured on shows such as El Gordo y La Flaca, Despierta America, HoyDía and so on. My beauties have also been part of very important award shows such as the Latin Grammys, the Billboard awards, The LAMAS, Premios Juventud and Premio Lo Nuestro. On my Instagram (@touchoforchids) I show my followers behind the scenes of my experiences and in the process I show them how beautiful nature is.